April Fools

April Fools!

Are you cockadoodling in disbelief? Were you excited about Chickun — an entirely new way to enjoy poultry, guilt-free? Here’s the good news. Chickun may be fiction, but you can still find plenty of tasty alternatives right at your neighborhood Chamberlin’s.

Now here comes the challenge:

We think it’s time for animal-free foods to stop using names that sound like, well, animals.

We’re tired of asking the waitress what the “vegetarian chicken” is made of or what’s in the “meetball.” Whether it’s tofu or tempeh, black bean or pea protein — these options are all delicious. They deserve their own name in our dishes!

So keep an eye on our social media. We’ll be proposing some new meat-free names for our favorite meat-free foods, and we hope you’ll join in the fun.

If you have your own suggestions, post them on Twitter or Facebook with the hashtag #unchickun and we’ll favorite our favorite ones!

Happy April Fools Day everyone!
Love, Chickun and your Chamberlin’s team  

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